Pedagogical resources


For the students access is granted to:

  • Video of the courses

  • Networking

  • Laboratories

  • Libraries and documentation facilities

During the first year, as students reside all in France, they  have time to become familiar with and to adapt to a European socio-cultural milieu before being exposed to changes. Students can meet each other in one of the two French universities without difficulties at reasonable cost. Concerning the language, for students who are novices in the local language, a course is organized explicitly for them. Those students who already have a more advance knowledge of the local language are enrolled in existing langage courses at the university.

Another mean  contributing to the networking of  DMKM students is attendance to the common courses during the first three semesters. During these courses, taught either face-to-face or by videoconference, the students  have the opportunity to interact at a didactic and scientific level and also confront their common problems and issues in understanding the taught subjects, if any.

A third  measure is the collaborative on-line component based on the Moodle platform in which several forums are created that  facilitate student exchanges of comments, questions and different issues regarding courses, home works, and tutorial sessions. A special forum has been created for students to discuss at free any issue related to their Master training. On the Web site of the programme, a special forum has been created for students to exchange impressions related to their cultural local experiences and integration.

The tutoring of the students  also contributes to their networking. The tutors assigned to groups of students will stimulate the students to link with each other and will keep them informed about common activities (either face-to-face or on-line), both at professional and at social level.

The networking of the students with other students from partner institutions is achieved in several ways. First, the DMKM students are in contact with the students following local Master programmes, in particular the Master programme of each partner institution with which the partners enter the present proposal. Research activities during the programme are performed in teams of students, trying to gather in a team both students of the DMKM program and Master students from local institutions. Moreover, DMKM students will be stimulated to take part in local events organised for local Master students in partner institutions, such as scientific days, job fairs, student’s scientific research days, social events.

Internships in companies will be also an opportunity for DMKM students to interact with local students, as the companies expressing their interest in hosting such internships already have cooperation relationships with the partner universities in the consortium and already organize/host Master students internships for these partners.

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