University of Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris

Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6 (UPMC, France): is one of the largest universities teaching science and medicine in France, and indeed in Europe, with some 30 000 students including 8 000 in post-graduate studies. UPMC is based in the Latin Quarter in Paris. The participants are member of the DAPA -department (Data Bases and Machine Learning) of the Laboratory of Computer Science of UMPC. This laboratory was created in January 1997 after the merger of the three Computer Science laboratories of the UPMC. With 450 professionals under its wing, it is today one of the most important centre of Computer Science in France. It is associated to the CNRS (National Centre for the Scientific Research). The list of the main participants is composed of part of the teaching and research staff of the DAPA department:

  • GANASCIA Jean-Gabriel , Full Professor, specialist in artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive science; Representative of the UPMC in the consortium;
  • GALLINARI Patrick , Full Professor, specialist in statistical learning, connectionism, text mining and information search;
  • DOUCET Anne , Full Professor, specialist in information systems and knowledge bases;
  • AMANN Bernd , Full Professor, specialist in Artificial intelligence.
  • ARTIERES Thierry , Senior Lecturer, specialist in neural network, hidden Markov-models, pattern recognition and user modelling;
  • BOURDAILLET Julien , Lecturer, specialist in natural language processing and in homology and recurrent pattern detection in strings and trees.
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