We are in a knowledge society, where economic and social wealth arise mainly from the information available for the economy and, above all, for the society.

The main objective of the Master is to teach the students the approaches and the informatics tools necessary to perform effective Data Mining and Knowledge Management. A further goal of the Master is to initiate the students to the theoretical and/or applied research methodologies in this field.

It is therefore obvious that the very links we are going to set up between the academic world and the economic and social world will allow the European companies and public organizations to have access to a wealth of Master students of high qualification in DMKM.

Giving such training with a high-level of scientific expertise and cultural richness is only possible through a European consortium. Therefore, it is clear that the Master DMKM is de facto of great originality, which is highly positive for the excellence in European university training.

We propose a training programme on Data Mining and Knowledge Management (DMKM) that is well distinct from the other programmes because of:

  • The coherence of its pedagogical contents: the students will receive immediately the operational abilities and skills, so that they can go further and stay efficient if they are confronted to the future challenges;
  • The integration, within the very programme, of a rich and diverse European cultural experience that will be highly appreciated by the students themselves.

We can summarize the main objectives of the DMKM Master in two points:

  • Training high-skilled engineers and researchers in DMKM to fit both industry and academic research needs.
  • Creating an international scientific collaboration network directed by a European consortium. Through teaching and research, this network will be able to:
    • Enhance knowledge in the DMKM domain;
    • Create new opportunities to improve the links between Europe and the third countries in scientific and industrial domains;
    • Promote intercultural approaches in the related domains.
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