University Avogadro, Alessandria

Università del Piemonte orientale "Amedeo Avogadro" UPO (Vercelli, Italy); The University of Piemonte Orientale was born as a decentralized part of the University of Torino in 1990, and became an autonomous university in 1998. It has three campuses, one in Vercelli (where the central offices are located, as well as the Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy), one in Novara (with the Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Economy), and one in Alessandria (with the Faculties of Sciences, Law, and Political Science). The University offers 30 bachelor degrees, 17 master (laurea specialistica) degrees, 16-advanced medical school degrees, and one Doctoral School. The University has 54 didactic and 38 research partnerships with foreign universities. The global number of enrolled students is 12,000/year. The main persons in charge of the project are the following ones:

  • SAITTA Lorenza , Full Professor, specialist in Algorithms and Data Structures, Artificial Intelligence, Relational Data Mining, Knowledge Representation for learning, Complexity of learning; Representative of the UPO in the consortium;
  • GIORDANA Attilio , Full Professor, specialist in Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Spatio/temporal Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Sequence mining, Hidden Markov Models, Kernel machines, Neural nets, Complexity of learning;
  • GIANNINI Paola , Full Professor, specialist in Software Engineering, Foundations of Computer Science, Web languages;
  • TERENZIANI Paolo , Full Professor, specialist in Artificial Intelligence, Temporal reasoning, Medical data, Data Warehouses, Databases;
  • EGIDI Lavinia , Associate Professor, specialist in Security, Privacy, Cryptography, Temporal reasoning, Computation theory;
  • ESPOSITO Roberto , Assistant Professor, specialist in Machine Learning, Ensemble learning, Marvok models;
  • GALASSI Ugo , PostDoc, specialist in Spatio/temporal data analysis, Hidden Markov Models, Bioinformatics, Sequence mining.
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